Peter Jones

BA, University of Denver, 1971
Caver since 1968
Fellow of The National Speleological Society, #11412


95: Lechuguilla Cave Photo Exhibit, Department of Interior Museum, Washington, DC

96: Lechuguilla Cave Photo Exhibit, Carlsbad Municipal Museum, Carlsbad, NM
96: Lechuguilla Cave Photo Exhibit, 96 NSS Convention, Salida, Colorado
96: Lechuguilla Cave Photo Exhibit, Carlsbad Caverns National Park Visitors Center, NM

98: Lechuguilla Cave Photo Exhibit, American Cave Museum, Horse Cave, Kentucky

02: Exhibit at The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, exhibition poster photograph

Photos are currently on display at Carlsbad Caverns National Park as part of the permanent exhibition
on Lechuguilla Cave


92: Still photographer, National Geographic Television, "Mysteries Underground"
98: Coordinator and still photographer, NOVA, "The Mysterious Life of Caves"
99: Still photographer and film crew, The Learning Channel, "About Caves"
99: Subject of video production, Anyplace Wild Television, "Heavenly Delights in Hell Below"
03: Photographer of Carlsbad Caverns for the National Park Service
06: Cave Photography Workshop, Carlsbad Caverns National Park


  • Several images used in postcards/photo albums and Lechuguilla poster for the Carlsbad Caverns/Guadalupe Mountains Association, private fundraising arm for Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains National Park
  • "Lechuguilla: Jewel of the Underground", Speleobooks "Carlsbad" by Terry Marshall
  • Cigar Aficionado magazine
  • American Chemical Society magazine, Chem Matters
  • Descent, a British caving caving monthly magazine
  • Kirchoff-Wahlberg children's book on caves
  • Numerous publications by the National Speleological Society, including several covers
  • 22 images in a new publication entitled Carlsbad Caverns: The Story Behind the Scenery

Author of several articles on cave photography technique including:

  • Flash!, a publication of the NSS Cave Photography Section
  • On Caves and Cameras, a publicaton of the NSS about cave photography, of which I authored four chapters