Perhaps my greatest passion in life is cave photography. It is extremely difficult to take a good photograph underground, as you are literally working in the dark (thus the name of my cave photography business, Shot in the Dark Cave Photography). I have taken many thousands of cave photographs in my life and I am pleased to present some of them here for you to enjoy.

Nearly all my images have been taken in the caves of the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico and West Texas. The Guadalupes are home to two world-famous caves, Carlsbad Cavern and Lechuguilla Cave. Yet these caves are only two
of nearly 400 known to exist in "The Guads". Very few are as large or grand in scale as Carlsbad or Lech, but they each have their own character and beauty that stand alone as world-class caves.

In the interest of protecting these caves from harm, no locations or other information are given other than the cave name. Unfortunately, a lot of damage, much of it unintentional, has been done to these caves just by the sheer volume of people visiting and impacting them. One also never sees them as well as they are presented in these photographs. You can enjoy them best by seeing them here in this gallery.

Should you find yourself seriously interested in pursuing caving (most of us cavers are born with the genetic defect that leads us underground...), contact The National Speleological Society They are located at 2813 Cave Ave, Huntsville, AL 35810-4431.

These images are all copyrighted by Peter Jones. Prints are available for purchase at very reasonable prices. These and many other images are also available for publication. Please contact me for further information.