Dinnerware sets are available only by custom order. You must contact me by phone, e-mail or in person to discuss your needs. Your order will be filled to your specifications as soon as possible. See the section below the price list for further explanation about your dinnerware set order. Thank you!

Mountain Street Pottery
80 Mountain Street
Camden, Maine 04843


Dinnerware sets:   Stoneware   Porcelain
Dinner plate (10 1/2" dia)   24   26
Luncheon plate (9 1/2" dia)   22   24
Bread plate (7" dia)   16   18
Platter (16"dia)   60   70
Platter (18" dia w/ cane handles)   100   120
Soup/Cereal bowl   18   20
Chowder bowl   20   22
Dessert bowl   12   14
Mug   18   20
Serving bowls   40, 45   40, 50
Casserole   60   80
Teapot (16oz or 24 oz)   50, 80   60, 90
Teacups   12   14
Goblets   20   22

These are the prices for dinnerware when ordered directly from Mountain Street Pottery. Prices may be higher if ordered through another outlet. More complex design orders may also be subject to an additional fee. Please consult with MSP before ordering so that there is no confusion about the order. Please ask about items not on this basic price list as they usually can be accommodated.

There is no deposit required on orders. You will pay for the work only if you are satisfied with it. You will be charged the full amount for each piece you order, but you will usually receive a minimum of two extra pieces with your order (e.g. order 6 of each item, receive that six plus two spares at no extra charge).

Every effort will be made to fill your order as specified. Be aware however that since each piece is handmade and each order is filled individually, the glaze and design finish may differ somewhat from what you saw originally. This is the nature of handmade work.

It is best if you order the complete set of dinnerware that you expect you will want in the long run so that it may all be fired together in the same kiln load. This will help insure uniformity in the dinnerware set. Since each kiln firing and each batch of glaze can be slightly different, you may find that pieces ordered at a later date will differ somewhat from the original set. This is to be expected in handmade work. As such, you may set up a payment plan to stretch out the cost over a period of time if you wish. Orders at a later date are gladly accepted, but be aware of the possible difference in the finished product.

All the dinnerware pieces are lead-free/food-safe and may be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. They are made with the intention of lasting you many years of normal service. Enjoy them and thank you for your order.

Peter Jones
Mountain Street Pottery